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5 th Jan

What are you doing to stay ahead of the competition?

Are you back into the swing of things now? I’m not going to talk about the cliché goals and plans for 2016… I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with messages about that already, right?!


When I was in Sydney during October last year I happened upon a Mind, Body, Wellness expo. To be honest

26 th Aug

For the love of fitness!

A few months ago I got a curious Facebook message from Hayley. She asked me if I had dance classes in London that she could come to and said that AJ had recommended me…

Curious because AJ teaches dance in London so I wasn’t quite sure why she was asking me.

Anyway, one Wednesday evening I wa

28 th Jul

What do you use?

This week I wanted to tell you about some time-saving tools I use for social media and perhaps in return you can tell us about any you happen to use and think are awesome.

1. Canva

"Be The Change You Wish To See In The World “ -Mahatma Gandhi-
  • Naomi gave me the confidence to be who I am


    “I hope I’m as inspirational to my clients as you are to yours! I learnt how to get my personality across through my business. I’ve found that confidence and positivity attracts clients and business. Which is great! Naomi is an inspiration and she gave me the confidence to be who I am.”

    Rebecca Uterharkwww.rufitness.co.uk
  • She finds a way to connect and communicate with us all


    “Naomi is ACE! She finds ways to connect and communicate with us all on our level, is genuine with a passion for dance fitness that inspired me and drives me and my business forward. Her energy in teach mode is infectious!”

    Hayley Carewww.hdancefitness.com
  • Clarity and focus for transformed advertising and marketing strategies


    “Naomi has helped me to clarify what I want and need from my business in order to achieve my goals. In specific terms: why am I doing this? Who are the clients I need? And, where do I find them? It has helped me to widen my thinking and re-frame my advertising and marketing strategies more effectively. I am a champion procrastinator and setting a deadline of things to do before our next session, has made me focus on actually getting those things done on time.”

    Annette Barber www.acalmerlife.co.uk
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